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300 AMP Welder/10 KW Generator - DLW300ESA1 - Multiquip

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Welding Leads 50 Foot
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Fire Extinguisher 2 Lbs
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The DLW300ESA1 welder/generator is a CC/CV output unit that delivers superior arc characterisitcs and consistent welding quality. Rated for 10.5kW, It is the quietest welder/generator in the industry with only 59 dBA at 23 feet. The E-mode feature improves fuel effciency by allowing the operator to weld at idle up to 160 amps, reducing operating costs and noise levels.
Operating Weight: 941 lbs

Dimensions (LxWxH): 50.8" x 26.77" x 33.07"

DC Voltage: CC 31V          CV: 32V

DC Current: CC 300A        CV: 300A

Current Range: 35-300 A

Max Duty Cycle w/ Full Amps Available: 100% @280A

Fuel Tank Capacity: 9.5 gal

Fuel Consumption at Rated Load: 0.66 gph

AC Power Output: 10.5 kW

Cycle: 50/60 Hz

Voltage: 120/240 V

Amperage: 87/44 A

Voltage Regulation: 1.5%