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Rotary Hammer Kit - Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. - 5311-6

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Milwaukee's patented Vibration Isolation System greatly reduces operator fatigue by absorbing the hammering action in a floating handle on this Thunderbolt 1-1/2 inch Spline Drive Rotary Hammer. Spline Drive Bit system transmits more torque to the bit making drilling more efficient. An 8.5 amp motor allows a full 6 inch Core Bit to be driven through 5000 PSI concrete without bogging down. The Variable Speed Trigger switch allows for reduced Bit Walk when starting a hole, resulting in more accurate hole positioning. A simple, positive slide locking system makes bit removal literally a snap . A pre-set clutch protects against motor overload on this continuous use heavy duty Rotary Hammer. This versatile tool can be used for drilling up to 1-1/2 inch holes in concrete with Spline Bits, large holes in concrete with Core Bits or used for chipping, chiseling and demolition with Bull Points and Chisels. With the use of an adapter, this tool can also drive SDS Plus Percussion Bits. Includes tool, carrying case 48-55-9120, side handle with depth gauge.

* Vibration Isolation System

* 1-1/2 in. solid bit capacity, 6 in. core bit capacity, Spline Drive

* Trigger speed control: 0-550 rpm, 0-4100 bpm

* Powerful 8.5 amp (950 watt) MILWAUKEE motor