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Portable toilet, ADA accessible

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Portable Sink (Maui Only)
$95 / DAY
Wheelchair Accessible: This spacious wheelchair accessible unit is easy to move, transport and definitely provides users with room to maneuver.

Durable, Modern Design: The patented flat floor system, combined with the strength of the side walls, forms a sleek, modern unit that retains its shape over the life of the product.

Made For Convenience: Inside, Liberty?s? handrails, paper holder and unbeatable rotary latch/indicator system are designed and positioned for simplicity and ease of use.

Specifications Overview:

Width (exterior): 62" (1575mm)

Depth (exterior): 62" (1575mm)

Height (exterior): 91" (2311mm)

Door width: 32.7"(132L)

Door height: 80.8" (2054mm)

Seat height: 19" (483mm)

Tank vol: 35 gal. (132L) or 68 gal. (257L)

Weight: 250 lbs (107Kg)