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AEUP Rocker Drywall Lift (works with IAWP 9.6 Only!)

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AEUP Rocker™ – Overhead Construction Made Easier
Cut overhead installation and overhead construction time by 30%, with one worker instead of two

Install Drywall, Ceiling Tiles 30% Faster With Just One Worker

Too much overhead installation and construction strains workers and limits your productivity. To install ceiling tile and overhead drywall, your workers have to perform the following repetitive actions:
  • Lift large flat objects overhead
  • Position them properly
  • Reach height and be able to comfortably – and safely – fasten it
This job usually takes two workers, and quickly becomes back-breaking, exhausting work.

The Rocker – A Faster, Easier Way

What if your team could do the same work faster, with less staff and less physical strain and risk of injury? It can – with the AEUP Rocker, a detachable and adjustable cradle that holds and lifts materials for overhead installation, designed to be used with the CAWP-9.6 construction aerial work platform.
Watch the AEUP Rocker™ Video, and see how one worker can easily and quickly install ceiling tile and drywall. And note the time saved – the worker using the Rocker finishes 30% faster than the two workers using conventional overhead construction methods.

How the Rocker Works

Once the Rocker is attached to the CAWP-9.6, it’s a simple push of a button to install drywall, ceiling and acoustic tiles:
  1. Push the button – a slab of material travels up the track
  2. The Rocker holds the material in place overhead
  3. The worker fastens the material
And that’s it. The Rocker lifts up to 89 lbs (40 kg), and the cradle holds panels up to 12 ft (3.65 m) long. It also has three different height options so any worker – short or tall – can use it easily. Total weight of the Rocker is 99.2 lbs (45 kg).
When you’re finished, and need your CAWP for other uses, the Rocker easily detaches.
Save time, money and put less strain on your overhead construction team.
View the Absolute E-Z Up® Rocker Product Brochure