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Material Lift - Genie North America - SLC 24

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Portable material lift for construction and industrial applications.

The Superlift Contractor is an ideal tool for construction firms and every kind of contractor.
  • Heavy duty design, yet lightweight and portable.
  • Quick setup requires no tools.
  • Loads easily into a pickup truck for transporting.
  • Rear transport wheel assembly.
  • 4 in (10 cm) front casters and 5 in (13 cm) rear casters with side brakes are standard.
  • Hold-down bar holds mast assembly in place during transport. SLC?
Height-Stowed: 86"
Width: 31.5"
Width-stabilizers lowered (if equipped): 66"
Length-Stowed: 27.75"
Length-Operating: 76"
Ground Clearance: 2"
Load Capacity: at 14" (36 cm load center): 650 lbs.
Net Weight: 374 lbs