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If you’re in need of removing hazards and increasing safety on streets, runways, in the factory or even the desert, an Electromagnetic Road Sweeper is the choice.  With their reliable performance, ease of use and maintenance, rugged build and available options, the Storch Electromagnetic Road Sweepers are the best equipment to remove ferrous metal, debris and scrap hazards.
Tow-Behind Road, Lot, Runway and Grounds sweepers for vehicles, trucks and other equipment are engineered and manufactured beyond the quality of other light, medium & heavy duty industrial or commercial sweepers on the market. Storch Electromagnetic Road Sweepers are built using the heaviest gauge steels, precision CNC Laser machining and by experts in welding & assembly. Our line of Electromagnetic Road Sweepers provide powerful, reliable and extended service life in both Industrial and Commercial applications alike.


Magnet Width 60" 

Overall Width 90"

Effective Height 4-6"  

Weight 3,300 LBS