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Wood Chipper 3"

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The 12P Mighty Mac® shredder-chipper by MacKissic is the right model for the homeowner looking for toughness, versatility, and speed on those big jobs. Choose performance as powerful as your needs. You’ll get dependable, professional level operation, in a machine you can use year-round for clean-up, gardening, and landscaping.
12P ActionThe 12P models feature a wide opening hopper that allows for processing bushels of material fast and efficiently. The 12P will handle leaves, small brush, stalks, grass, and yard and garden debris. The hopper has a blowback shield to minimize throwback or unprocessed material. When the material is easily processed, the blowback shield can be opened up for easier and faster loading.
The shredder has 24 free-swinging hammers that are reversible 4 times. The hammers are manufactured from tough heat-treated steel. The chipper features a heavy steel flywheel with a heat-treated steel blade that can be resharpened. The flywheel has been specially balanced for the smoothest chipping with the least vibration.
This hammermill shredder-chipper is fit with a centrifugal clutch, which allows for easy no load starting on the operator and machine. Unlike direct drive machines, the centrifugal clutch allows the the engine to disengage when stressed under a heavy load. This allows the engine to gain RPMs faster and more efficiently pulverize the material.
The 12P comes with a 1" diameter screen but has four other optional screens which gives versatility with what material is processed and how finely the material is processed. Another handy option is the pull handle.  Rent this in Kona to get your job done faster.