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Stump grinder - BlueBird International - SG-1114 and SG-1314

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With BlueBird's new SG1114 and SG1314 Stump Grinders, you can now remove stumps quickly and safely! This well-balanced design offers commercial power and high productivity. BlueBird's Stump Grinder maximizes cutting performance with its 14-inch diameter blade with carbide-tipped teeth, offering a variable cutting depth up to 12 inches.

Operator fatigue is reduced with its ergonomic handle. The unique, adjustable handle has four height adjustment positions to ensure operator comfort and a safe stance during all stages of stump removal. The compact design (27") and clean sight lines of the Stump Grinder make it easy to maneuver through narrow gates and other tight areas. Two user-friendly lift handles on each side of the unit allow two people to easily lift the unit into mini vans, trucks, and large SUVs.

BlueBird's use of high-quality components like Gates HiPower Double V Drive belt, NORAM automatic centrifugal clutch, and Hayes break calipers ensure outstanding stump grinding results time after time, year after year.