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Cable/Cord Protectors. Extension Cord Protectors

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Temp Power Box (Spider Box)
$63 / DAY
50 Amp Extension Cord
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  • LOAD CAPACITY: 20,150 lbs/tire (40,300 lbs/axle)
  • Protects cables and hose lines up to 1.3 in. in diameter.
  • All weather polyurethane construction with heavy load capacity.
  • Hinged lid makes placing and removing cables and hose lines easy.
  • Patented 5-bar tread surface provides maximum traction.
  • Heavy duty Dog-Bone connector interlocks modular sections.
  • Lightweight and easy to transport, setup, disassemble and store.
  • Carrying handle is conveniently recessed on underside of protector.
  • Safety warning symbols molded into lid surface.
  • NEW – Through holes added for fastening protector down.
  • NEW – Smooth area added for adhering a barcode label or RFID tag.
  • NEW – Pry slots added underneath for easy removal when fastened down.
  • End caps provide gradual taper to ground or floor.
  • 4-Way Cross allows you to split or join cable runs.
  • 45° left and right hand turns allow for additional configuration options.
  • Join left and right turns to create a jog (see illustration below).
Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 20 × 2.31 in
Rating 40,000#