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Wacker Corp. - BPU 3545A Plate Compactor

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With their different working widths these vibratory plates are ideally suited for trench and surface compaction, including cohesive materials. The machines can be used for the compaction of materials on small- and medium-sized job sites, for road, dams and embankment construction, for foundation jobs, backfills, bicycle and foot paths as well as in gardening and landscaping architecture application. They can also be used for the vibration of surfaces paved with interlocking paving stones of around 10 cm thickness upwards.

Features and Benefits:
  • Powerful vibratory plate compactly designed with a low center of gravity for stable operation and of minimum height.
  • Easy-to-start, job-site-proven gasoline engine.
  • Optimal adjustment to different types of soils thanks to the infinitely variable hydraulically driven, forward and reverse speed control, while at the same time maintaining a constant frequency and centrifugal force.
  • To achieve the required compaction in problem areas, on the spot compaction.
  • The specially contoured rubber skirt between the upper mass and the base plate prevents entry of dirt. The transmission of vibrations to the upper mass is greatly reduced by means of angled shock mounts.
  • The base plate has been manufactured out of high-quality, wear-resistant nodular cast iron. The standard extension plates included in the scope of delivery allow for a widening of the working width from 17.3 to 23.6 inches.
  • The hydraulic steering has been combined with a dead man's handle for added operator safety.
Length x width x height (handle in working position) 66.9 x 17.3 x 45.3 in.
Length x width x height (guide handle in transport position) 39.8 x 17.3 x 53.9 in.
Working height of handle (adjustable) 30.5 to 48.4 in.
Machine height 27.9 in.
Size of base plate (l x w) without extension plates 35.4 x 17.3 in.
Size of base plate (l x w) with standard extension plates 35.5 x 23.6 in.
Size of base plate (l x w) with extension plates 35.5 x 29.9 in.
Operating weight without extension plates 648.3 lb.
Operating weight with standard extension plates 699.0 lb.
Operating weight with extension plates (accessory) 741.0 lb.
Compacted area without extension plates up to 6,778 ft2/h
Compacted area with standard extension plates up to 8,500 ft2/h
Compacted area with extension plates up to 9,254 ft2/h
Forward and reverse travel without extension plates 0 - 78.7 ft/min.
Forward and reverse travel with standard extension plates 0 - 72.2 ft/min.
Forward and reverse travel - with standard extension plates 0 - 65.5 ft/min.
Max. allowable tilt of engine in continuous operation 19 ?
Gradeability up to 34 %
Vibration frequency 4,140 Hz
Centrifugal force 7,875 lb.
Drive engine air-cooled single cylinder 4-stroke gasoline engine with automatic oil shut-off
Manufacturer Honda
Model GX 270
Displacement 16.5 in3
Max. power output according to DIN-ISO 3046 9.0 hp
Rated power output according to DIN-ISO 3046 9.0 hp
Fuel type gasoline
Fuel consumption 1.6 US qt./h
Tank capacity 6.3 US qt.
Power Train from drive engine via centrifugal clutch and V-belt onto exciter, from where the centrifugal forces transmit directly to the base plate