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Push Around Lift - Genie IWP 20'

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The Genie IWP Super Series offers more of what you're looking for in a push-around lift: working heights of up to 35 ft 6 in (11 m). 

The Genie IWP is unmatched in strength, stability and reliablility. It takes only seconds to set up and has a platform that performs with more height, more options, and without outriggers.

* Standard base of 60 x 32 in (1.52 m x .81 m), easily rolls through standard doorways.
* Standard platform of 27 x 26 in (.69 m x .66 m), the largest standard sized platform in the industry.
* The most rigid mast in the industry, designed for strength, reliability and low maintenance.
* Built-in level sensing. A unique sensor system detects if the unit is not level.
* Power failure protection. All AC and DC models are equipped with an auxiliary platform lowering feature.




Working Height: 26 ft, 6 in

Platform Height: 20 ft, 6 in

Horizontal Outreach**: 2 ft, 2 in

Height – stowed (fully lowered): 6 ft, 4 in

Height – stowed (base raised): 6 ft, 6 in

Length: 5 ft

Width (Standard base): 2ft, 8 in

Width (Wide Base): 3 ft, 4 in

Corner Access***: 6 in

Power (AC Models): 110 V / 50-60 Hz or 220 V / 50-60 Hz

Power (DC Models): 12V / 110V / 60 Hz or 110/230 Hz