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Jumping jack - Wacker Corp. - BS-52Y

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Wacker Jumping Jack Compactor

  • The BS 52Y vibratory rammer is suited for the compaction of granular, mixed and cohesive soils in confined areas.
  • CONSTRUCTION Compaction of backfill around foundations and forms, compaction of subgrades underneath footings, base preparation for concrete work such as slabs, curbs and gutters.
  • UTILITIES Base preparation for pipelines and soil compaction around and over pipelines, compaction of cable and pipe trenches, compaction around utility poles.
  • MUNICIPALITIES Base preparation or asphalt patching for repair work on streets, highways and sidewalks.
  • Exclusive high capacity self- cleaning air filter will last the life of the rammer under normal working conditions.
  • Large capacity, corrosion proof fuel tank with self-cleaning in- tank filter offers long life and minimum maintenance.
  • Combined fuel and engine shut- off switch ensures fuel valve is closed when engine is not running.
  • Well-balanced, lightweight machine for easy operation and transportation.
  • Shockmounted guide handle with lifting point minimizes operator fatigue and eases lowering into trenches.
  • WACKER 2-cycle engine specifically designed for rammer applications .
    Oil sightglass with white background simplifies oil checks.
  • Fully sealed oil-lubricated ramming system ensures trouble free operation and fast cold weather start up.
  • Tinker proof diaphragm carhuretor eliminates unauthorized adjustments.
    Long shoe stroke gives excellent compaction even in difficult-to- compact cohesive soils.
  • Guide handle roller offers easy mobility for loading and unloading.