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Vacuum 18 Gallon Capacity - MV1800 - MITM

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These vacuums are equipped with a hydro flow filter for both wet and dry applications and offer superior cleaning power yet are rated as some of the quietest on the market.

Exhaust air ducting reduces the possibility of motor contamination by dirt or moisture · Industrial-grade polyolefin wheels with stainless-steel shafts · Hydro flow filter for wet and dry applications - no conversion necessary · Filter decreases airborne particles through exhaust · Filter efficiency 99.5% to 1.0-micron (Optional HEPA filter 99.97% to 0.3-mircon) · 25-foot power cord
Weight: 44 lbs
Length: 22 in
Width: 19 in
Height: 31 in
Capacity: 18 Gallons
Decibel Rating: 51.2
CFM: 108
Water Recovery: 13 Gallons