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Vacuum 12 Gallon Capacity - KUB54103 - Kubota

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It's almost a given that every home has a vacuum to help clean the house and carpets, but I'm quite certain that not every home as a blower. I'm sure that not every household will need a blower, but for those that do, there's the Kubota 12 Gallon Wet/Dry Stainless Steel Vacuum. What's great is that it's both a vacuum and blower. It consolidates both features into one appliance. That way you don't need to have two separate appliances taking up space. I don't need to explain why you would need a vacuum, but the blower is great if you want to easily clear some debris from say, your garage, patio, or deck where you wouldn't want to be using the vacuum. You'll quickly find that the Kubota 12 Gallon Wet/Dry Stainless Steel Vacuum is very practical to have in and around your home.
Capacity: 45.5 L (12 gallons)
Energy: 1200 W
Cord Length: 8.25 ft
Material: Stainless Steel
Motor Strength: 6 HP