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Sand Blaster

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Use an FP Group LLC wet abrasive blaster on your next coating removal, surface prep or restoration project!  FP Group is the home of the original Farrow System® and CLEARblast®, the most versatile and user friendly wet abrasive blaster available on the market!
The Farrow System® wet abrasive blaster, with a blasting range of 30-130psi, and run times that can exceed 5 hours, removes anything from tough industrial coatings on steel to decades of build-up on fragile historic artifacts, all while being 92% dustless. And because Farrow System® never uses chemicals or hazardous materials – our process is truly environmentally friendly!
CLEARblast® brings all the advantages of the Farrow System and makes blasting like the pros look easy with the simplest setup ever seen in wet abrasive blasting. All this in a portable and compact package that can roll through a 28” door!
FP Group makes wet abrasive blasting safe, fast, and cost efficient. Discover what a wet abrasive blaster from FP Group can do for you!


Our Largest, Highest Volume Unit

  • Blasting pressures up to 130psi! (with a high pressure compressor)
  • 400 pound media capacity and 80 gallon water tank
  • Capable of blasting up to 300’ from the machine

Safe and Easy To Operate

  • Master control and self-venting pot – New for 2014!
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use controls with prominent emergency stop
  • Larger fork pockets for industrial forklift use
  • Air and water filtration for maximum uptime!

Maximum Capability

  • 1 ½” blast hose and #8 XL nozzle giving you maximum performance
  • High pressure components enabling use of 150psi+ compressors
  • High capacity pot giving you over 4 hours of blasting
  • Blasting range of 30-130psi enabling gentle cleaning to aggressive profiling

Built To Take It

  • Massive, solid steel crash cage with full coverage powder coating
  • Pot powder coated inside and out
  • Heavy duty, solid stainless steel fittings
  • Stainless steel control cabinet


Dimensions 54.5″x54.5″x40.5″”
Weight 775 lbs. Dry
1,890 lbs. Wet
Air Capacity Any compressor over 185cfm and up to 150psi
Pot Media Capacity 400 lbs.
Onboard water Capacity 80 Gallons
Hose Length 50 Ft. Blast Hose Standard,
Up To 300Ft. with Extension Hoses
Available Accessories Hose Extensions, Nozzles, Parts Kits
Warranty* Complete Machine for 1 Year From Original Purchase Date