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Floor Polisher (burnisher) This is only to Polish Floor only

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Powr-Flite 17" Floor Maintenance Machines

The design of the burnishers is so unique it is patented. The one piece base and motor housing will not break or corrode and provides superior cooling and increased motor life. With Powr-Flite burnishers you get total pad-to-floor contact. The design and engineering of our burnishers provides superior performance and precision balance without the need for a compensating caster. Not only are Powr-Flite burnishers more maneuverable, but there is no wheel to prevent thea pad from covering the floor. All models give a full 20 inches of total pad to floor contact. Our burnishers also feature floating, all steel handles with anti-fatigue grips to take the strain off of the operator?s arms and hands. We have the industries toughest left or right handed control levers for easy operation from either side of the machine.
The Burnisher is used for polishing floors only.  
Do not use this burnisher for stripping floors and cleaning floors.
Pad Speed: 2000 RPM
Motor: 1-1/2 hp, D.C. rectified, UL listed
Transmission: No slip deep V belt drive
Power Cord: 75 ft. UL listed 12/3 SJTW-A/gray
Base Housing: One piece, high density polyethylene
Pad Driver: Flexible, total 20 inch floor-to-pad contact
Pad Pressure (lbs.): 16
Handle: Steel tube with anti-fatigue grips
Wheels: 4 inch non-marking-self lubricating
Warranty: 10 yrs. housing, 2 yrs. motor, 1 yr. Parts