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Concrete Grinder, SG24/E - *General Equipment Co.

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General's SG24E - Electric powered surface grinder features various grinding systems designed for breaking up deposits of grease, dirt, rubber carpet backing and industrial residues; cleaning concrete asphalt and tiles; producing exposed aggregate slabs; and buffing and polishing more delicate terrazzo and marble floor surfaces.
Type Lesson 2 hp (1492 W), totally enclosed, fan cooled, capacitor start, 3450 RPM, single phase, 115/230 VAC, 60 hz, electric motor. Operating voltage is selected by manual switch
Fuel Specification n/a
Starting Method n/a
Air Cleaner n/a
Electric Motor Full Leaded Amperage (FLA) Rating

16.8 amperes at 115 VAC, 60 hz

8.4 mperes at 230 VAC, 60 hz

Electric Motor Starting Power Required (SPR) (SPR)=(FLA) x 5 Factor

84 amperes, 9.6 kW at 115 VAC

42 amperes, 4.8 kW at 230 VAC

Minimum Circuit Breaker Amperage Required

20 amperes at 115 VAC

10 amperes at 203 VAC

Structure Unitized, welded steel plate
Drive System Dual B series V-belt/pulley and spur gear reduction system. Engine powered units also utilize a centrifugal clutch assembly. Gear operate in a fully enclosed transmission case and are lubricated by a high temperature transmission grease formulated with an extreme pressure EP additive. The EP additive allows the grease to better cling to the gear teeth at high rotational speeds.
Transmission Bearings High capacity, self aligning ball bearing units are sealed for maximum dust protection and equipped with Zerk® type fittings for field lubrication
Counter-Rotation Discs two aluminum, counter-rotation, design for direct mounting of all popular General® and EDCO® multi-accessory attachments with the PLAS-T-LOK™plastic wedge or standard wood wedge. Rotation direction of each disc is marked for easy reference
Discs Rotation Speed 250 RPM
Discs Flexing System Twelve (six per side) Lord® type elastomeric bushing designed to flex at controlled rates and allow the multi-accessory disc to follow irregularities in the surface profile. The bushing also help prevent damage too the transmission gears and shafts in the event the multi-accessory attachment comes in direct contact with an above surface obstruction. Bushings are easily replaced in the field with simple tools
Operator Handle Height Adjustment Three positions to accommodate variance in operator height. Adjustment procedure requires only simple hand tools.
Frame height Adjustment Three positions to accommodate variances in multi-accessory attachments. Adjustment procedure require only simple hand tools
Overall Width (With Protective Bumper) 27 1/2" (699 mm)
Normal Operator Handle Height 38" (965 mm)
Overall length 55 1/4" (1403 mm)
Nominal Multi-Accessory Disc Working Width 24" (610 mm)
Weight (Less Multi-Accessory Attachment And Safety And Dust Shield Assembly 205 lbs. (114 kg)