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Loader Compact Wheel (Big Island only) Dingo

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4 in 1 Bucket - Toro Dingo - Model: 22411 -
$351 / DAY
Adjustable Forks -Toro Dingo - Model: 22418
Bucket attachment - Toro Dingo - Model 22409
Stump grinder attachment -Toro Dingo - Model: 22429
Tiller attachment - Toro Dingo - Model: 22445
Trencher attachment -Toro Dingo - Model: 22465 - TX 413 2'
Land Leveler Attachment for Dingo/ Bobcat Mini Loader
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Equipped with the Toro designed 4-Paw®, independent 4-wheel drive system, the Dingo 323 at 3000 psi (206.7 bar) offers incredible power and durability. Delivering 10.8 gpm (40.9 lpm) of hydraulic power with this 23 hp (17.2 kw) Kohler engine will guarantee jobsite productivity.
2 Ground Speeds
Operator can select low or high speed ground speed. Low speed directs more hydraulic power to the attachment and high speed directs more power to the wheels. The low speed option also helps new operators shorten their learning curve.
4-Paw® Independent 4-Wheel Drive
Directs hydraulic flow and pressure to all the wheels, at all times. You can power through the toughest conditions and reduce the likelihood of getting stuck. The 4-Paw eliminates the use of chains - reducing maintenance and eliminating the chance of a broken chain.
Compact Size & Maneuverability
Get the Dingo into tight spaces where only hand labor could go before. Add to the easy spin steer turning, and you'll be able to power through the toughest jobs. This means landscape contractors can use the incredible power of the Dingo to save time and money on labor.
Fingertip Controls
Easy-to-reach 4-stick fingertip hand controls enable all functions from the operator position. The operator controls all movements of the machine and attachments with his fingertips.
Durable Hood
Durable, flexible resin hood protects your engine from damage and keeps dirt and debris out of the engine compartment. Your machine will run longer with less downtime.
Hydraulic Power
Up to 10.8 gpm (40.9 lpm) at 3000 psi (207 bar) hydraulic system gives you incredible hydraulic power to auger up to 30" (76 cm) holes or trench 36" (91 cm) deep.
2-Pump Hydraulic System
Independent power can be supplied to the attachment or the wheels. The 2-pump system offers a high flow of 10.8 gpm (37.9 lpm) and a low flow of 4 gpm (15.1 lpm). This provides better usage of power to get the job done as well as not relying on one pump for shared power!
Quick Attach System™
Each attachment is equipped with Toro's unique Quick Attach System™. The Dingo QAS makes changing attachments as simple as turning 2 levers. Each attachment is designed to be installed in less than 1 minute. (One exception - the backhoe takes 2 minutes.)
Extended Run Times
Two durable, 4-gallon gas tanks provide fuel for a full day of hard work.

    • Air Filter
      Two-stage, heavy-duty, remote
    • Controls
      Key, throttle, choke
    • Cooling System
      Air cooled
    • Engine
      23 hp (17.2 kw) Kohler® Command Series CH23
    • Ground Clearance
      5.8" (15 cm) front & rear
    • Ground Speed
      0-3.7 mph (0-6 km/h) / 0-3.7 mph (0-6 km/h)
    • Height
      48.7" (123.7 cm)
    • High Flow Pump
      10.8 gpm (40.9 lpm)
    • Hinge Pin Height
      66" (167.6 cm)
    • Hydraulic Reservoir Cap.
      14.8 gallons (56 L)
    • Hydraulic System Pressure
      3,250 PSI
    • Length
      82.2" (208.8 cm) w/bucket; 62" (157.5 cm) w/o bucket
    • Loader Hydraulic System
      2 control levers- push/pull
    • Low Flow Pump
      4 gpm (15.1 lpm)
    • Operating Capacity
      515 lbs. (234 kg)
    • Reservoir Capacity
      17 gallons (64 liter)
    • Steering Controls
      Zero turn type w/ 2 controls
    • Tip Capacity
      1,030 lbs (467 kg)
    • Warranty
      Product - One Year* / Engine - Two Year*
    • Weight
      1,567 lbs (711 kg)
    • Width
      40.5" (103 cm) standard tires; 35" (90 cm) narrow tires