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Grinder concrete 13" High Speed Electric Scanmaskin

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Vacuum HEPA with Bagger
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The ScanCombiflex 330 (SC-330) is a powerful and easy to use machine, and is one of the most versatile machines on the market. The 330 mm / 13 inch single grinding disc is effective for grinding smaller areas, edging long stretches of the floor, lite coating removal and surface prep. A simple and quick adjustment allows the operator to change the configuration of the SC-330 from a small grinder into an edger, with the entire process taking less than one minute.
The 330 mm / 13 inch disc on the SC-330 can be configured with 3, 6, or 9 of our metal,
ceramic, or resin bond diamond tools. This allows the machine to cut more aggressively when necessary, or grind softer surfaces by spreading out the weight and using more tools. For smooth and simple transport, the SC-330 can easily be separated into two parts, each weighing well under 100 lbs.
Recommended vacuum cleaner 
1-phase 3 phase
Voltage: 110-120 V 1~ or 220-240 V 1~ Voltage: 400 V 3~
Motor power: 1,5 kW Motor power: 4 kW
Current: 20 Amp. or 10 Amp. Current: 16 Amp.
Frequency: 60 Hz or 50 Hz Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Grinding speed: 750 rpm or 600 rpm Grinding speed: 1430 rpm
Grinding disc: 1 x 330 mm / 1 x 13” Grinding disc: 1 x 330 mm / 1 x 13”
Grinding width: 330 mm / 13” Grinding width: 330 mm / 13”
Weight: 65 kg / 143 lbs. Weight: 65 kg / 143 lbs.
Other: CE-marking Other: CE-marking