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Concrete port a saw -Target ? PS1455

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? Only two pivot points for reduced saw maintenance and longer diamond blade life.

? Cutting head pivots on bearings which are sealed and lubricated for life.

? Bearings are seated in a machined saddle, on a heavy-duty support, for precise alignment that lasts.

? Quick-mount cutting head allows easy removal of the power head for transportation.

? The bearing colar folds down, so the entire cutting head assembly can be lifted of easily.

? Revomable handles make transportation easy.

? Fixed head - simply position the head to the desired height, then tighten the lock handle. Material can then be pushed toward the blade.

? Plunge cut - hold the handle and lower the blade into the material.

? With the use of the optional foot pedal kit, the operator can use their foot to lower the blade into the material.

? The "X" braced steel frame resists flexing.

? Open throat design for clear passage of large material.

? Powder coat painted for protection against scratches, rust and corrosion.

? Provide extended blade life and reduces maintenance.

? Blade flanges are precision-machined for secure clamping of the blade.

? A standard blade shaft wrench is included.

? Field installable blade shaft assembly reduces downtime when replacement is needed.

? Folding stand is strong, yet lightweight and lets operator set up the saw anywhere at a convenient working height.

? Foot pedal kit has a 10-gauge tread plate pedal that attaches to steel stand to provide hands-free cutting.

? Skid kit attaches to bottom of stand for greater stability and balance with rubberized feet at each end.

? Two power selections: Gas or electric options available. Choose from 1-1/2 HP, 2 HP or 3 HP electric motor or 3 and 5-1/2 HP gas engine.

? Patented sta-level? blade guardkeeps the blade guard parallel to the cutting table for accurate cuts. Spring tension counter-balances the cutting head and the cutting head height can be adjusted with a convenient lock handle located on the counter- balance arm or with the optional foot pedal kit. The ergonomically designed steel handle with molded grip bolts securely into place.

? Large conveyor cart is a durable cast aluminum cart for strength and rigidity with moveable rip guide for making precision cuts. Vulcanized rubber top is permanently bonded to the cart. Non-corosive metal wheel will not deform or nick for long life and accurate cuts with lower maintenance.

? Removeable/replaceable carrying handles.

Portasaw ? PS1455
 Engine ManufacturerHonda Gas Engine   
 Engine SpecGX160   
 Max. Horsepower5.5 HP   
 Engine Coolantair   
  Transmission Data
 Wheels, front- mm / - inch   
 Conveyor CartCast aluminium. vulcanized rubber top. adjustable measureingrule. 45/90deg cutting guide   
 Water PumpHigh Capacity. belt driven. solid bronze. intake strainer.built in priming pump and check valve   
 Weight, Crated95 kg / 209 lbs   
 Weight, Uncrated91 kg / 198 lbs   
  Blade Data
 Blade Guard Capacity356 mm / 14 inch   
 Blade Shaft RPM2950   
 Max Depth of Cut127 mm / 5 inch   
 Arbor Size25.4 mm / 1 inch   
 Blade Shaft BearingsBall bearings   
 Blade Guard AttachmentOne-piece steel. sta-Level