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Post Driver (Gasoline) - GPD-40 - Rhino

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Rhino's GPD-40 Fence Pro is a triumph of engineering. Integrated with the 2-1⁄2" chuck is the innovative Chuck-Lok™ Adapter technology, which increases the tool's effeciency by allowing for fast chuck changes in the field and ensuring proper positioning for optimal driving power. It also increases the tool's effective lifespan substantially. The Fence Pro's default adapter is 2", but can be equipped with optional 1-3⁄4" or 1" adapters.
If you are trying to maximize your time and money in the field, the Fence Pro is an exceptional choice. It is typically used for erosion control, agriculture, livestock management, sign installation, rental tent installtion in both municipal and residential applications, and more. Its portability and flexibility make it a favorite among professional fence contractors.
Weight: 36.5 lbs.
Post Size: 2 3/8"
BPM: 1720