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Aerial Towable Boom Lift 34'

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The TM34 is a robust and versatile trailer mount. It has retractable axles that allow it to pass through a 3ft 7in wide opening or doorway giving better access to applications.
As standard, the TM34 trailer mount comes with manual outriggers which are cost effective and simple to setup.
Operation is quick, easy and precise due to reliable fully proportional controls and its versatile battery power pack enables the TM34 trailer mount to work inside and out quietly and with zero emissions.
The TM34 trailer mount is a fast, cost effective and safe alternative to ladders and scaffolds.


Download TM34 | Trailer Mounted Cherry Picker Spec Sheet Download PDF


Working Height: 40 ft, 6 in.

Platform Height: 34 ft.

Working Outreach: 16 ft, 6 in.

Machine Height: 6 ft, 3 in.

Machine Length: 18 ft, 10 in.

Working Width: 8 ft, 10 in.

Retracted Width: 3 ft, 7 in.

Minimum Weight: 2560 lbs.

Safe Working Load: 500 lbs.

Basket Width: 3 ft, 7 in.

Basket Depth: 2 ft, 2 in.

Maximum Slope: 4% / 2.1°

Outrigger Type: Manual

Power Options: Bi-Energy