What do I need in order to rent?

-We need a drivers licence, credit card, and a Certificate of Liability Insurance naming Service Rentals & Supplies, Inc as additional insured (for large equipment. For example: Aerial lifts; Forklifts)


Can I only pay with credit card?

A credit or debit card is needed when rental equipment is being rented. However, you may pay with cash when returning the equipment. 


How do the rates work?

-Daily rates are for 1 – 3 day rentals

Weekly rates are for 4 – 7 day rentals

Month rates are for 3 – 4 week rentals


If I pick up the equipment on Saturday, can I still get the one day rate since you are closed on Sunday?

Yes, if you pick up Saturday (check Saturday store hours) and return the equipment between 6:30AM and 8:00AM on the following Monday you will be charged the one day rental rate.


What types of equipment require a certificate of  general liability insurance?

All of our larger equipment-scissor lifts, boom lifts, forklifts,