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Power Scaffolding

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Power Snappy Motorized Work Platform

Benefits of the Power Snappy over Ladders, Scissor Lifts and Traditional Work Platforms

The Power Snappy can easily be transported in a small SUV or pickup.

Medium Model is light enough and small enough to be transported by two people.

Can move from floor to floor on multi-story buildings, even when no elevator is available, something impossible for a scissor lift to do.

Manpower productivity is enhanced over stepladders and standard scaffold in many cases, by reducing the time wasted moving devices and climbing up and down.

Platform with guardrails give workers a safe working area over ladders and has the same footprint area as a standard 10′ ladder.

Being electric powered means it’s environmentally friendly, no emissions and virtually no noise. You’re able to work indoors or out.

It’s the ideal work platform for: Electricians, painters, maintenance personnel, schools, hospitals, hotels, office buildings and more.

Power Snappy Review
Download the Power Snappy Review: Granite Power Snappy Case Study